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“No, but I will surely buy it from you for a price, for I will not offer burnt offerings to the LORD my God which cost me nothing” 2 Samuel 24:24 (NASB)

for the previous discussion on this verse go back a few blogs to “let’s continue our discussion” but i wanted to share an experience that i’ve had recently that reaffirms what this verse says.

recently it’s been easier for me to do my Bible study and such because i’ve had a little free time and i most definitely had the dedication to make sure that it got done. but this week has been crazy, thus the half post on tuesday. i was casually talking to God about the inability to really get into the Bible recently and He made sure to let me know about this verse.

so what does it mean if i’m “too busy” to get into the word. i honestly think that sometimes not reading the Bible everyday “religiously” is ok. if it’s not a labor of love, i don’t think that you’ll get much out of it. but when the labor of love is done as a sacrifice to other activities i have to think that He is more pleased. then the sacrifice costs you something and He knows it.

so what have you been sacrificing to continually read your bible? have you been doing so with regularity? have you been making sacrifices to make sure that God gets what He deserves from you?

next time you feel “too busy” to do what God has asked you to do remember to make the sacrifice that costs you something, and know that God will see it and it will please him.


Posted July 15, 2010 by mattiev9287 in 2 samuel, about me, Bible study

2 responses to “BUSY

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  1. Ouch!! this one hit home big time.

  2. Matt, these are great. Keep it up! You are in my prayers.

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