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in my life i think i saw Uncle Ron a TOTAL of 4 times, yet my heart still weeps. i remember on every trip to Oregon that my dad showed with pride the places Uncle Ron pastored. the churches at Swisshome, Newport, and The Dalles, just to name a few. i remember the stories of my Grandma of her little brother Ronnie told only the way grandma could tell a story.

i remember the stories of Uncle Ron and Aunt Shirley in Liberia, even in the midst of a civil war that threatened their lives from time to time, but it seemed that they both couldn’t wait to get back. and then they went over to Ethiopia and changed more lives there.

i can’t explain why this has hit me so hard. maybe it’s the fact that life has yet again showed it’s fragility to me. but it seems more like love that i had for a Great Uncle who fought continuously for his faith, who put others ahead of himself, and who loved God.

God Bless all those who have been affected by Uncle Ron’s passing. You have all been on my mind from time to time while everything has gone on.


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  1. Thank you, Matt, for feeling with us. The realities of life and death have hit us hard, but more, the realities of living for Christ faithfully. We know that it will be worth it all when we see Jesus. Ron longed to finish the race and he did well.
    God bless you always.

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