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james, wade, and bosh

king james, d-wade, and … bosh

(let’s say the heat got dwight howard instead of lebron james then we’d have superman and the flash together… but the justice league will not reunite in miami sadly)

ok i get it i. they’re really good players and there is a lot of talent wrapped up now in the 2-3-4 portions of the heat’s starting lineup, but a starting line-up doesn’t make a team. for the record i’m not buying it yet. yes i get that they’re really good, and that they’ve played together before… but like i said i’m not buying it.  and here’s why

yes the heat are now the front runners to win the east, james, wade, bosh (jwb) are better and younger than pierce, allen, garnett (pag) but even then miami has some issues. point guard, center, and the bench.

point guard is one area that the celtics have a clear advantage over the heat. rajon rondo is  a proven player as opposed to mario chalmers has promise but rondo is proven and even in the playoffs. now chalmers may prove me wrong but for now the clear advantage is to boston.

another issue that miami will have to address is having a big man in the middle.  yes i’m sure that bosh being an excellent 4 will be able to play the 5 at times, but he’s a 4 not a 5, which means that miami will have to get someone new to play the 5. one free agent still on the market is the diesel, or… well he has too many nicknames, but shaq could come back to miami, but i doubt miami wants him, which means that miami will be stuck with getting someone off the street to fill in a position that has defined many championship teams over the years, from hakeem to shaq to duncan to gasol/bynum/odom a big man in the middle makes a championship run that much easier.

last is the bench. there have been 6th men over the years that have proven that that position is almost as important as being on the starting 5. yes most people consider it a luxury to have your bench on the floor for most of the 4th quarter, but the fact is that that gives your stars a rest and when you need them the most they are ready to go.

which leads into a different point, while not a weakness this certainly could be a problem HEALTH. wade has been hurt in past seasons, and bosh… james has been relatively healthy over his career, but what happens if one of these three goes down, and miami forbid, what if two go down. with so much cap space being wrapped up in these three players getting quality guys in here that can do more for the team are going to be difficult to get.

so yes the heat are going to be a better team this year, yes they might be better than the 90s bulls and may win more championships. it’s a possiblity but los angeles still sits on the west coast and they are the defending champs. this will no doubt be an interesting basketball season


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